Writing Task 1  –  Answer
for Cambridge English IELTS 12 Test 5 – Writing Part

The chart demonstrates how the age factor influences the general physical activity of Australian male and female in 2010.    OR

The given chart illustrates how the proportion of Australian male and female with different age groups did the physical activity in 2010 regularly.

Overall, it is clearly evident that Australian women aged 25 to onward did more physical activity than Australian men in 2010. Grown-up women are more serious about their health condition than younger women.

Australian male aged 15 to 24 did more physical activity than that of the female in 2010. However, women aged 25 to onward expended more time than that of men in Australia. Moreover, there is a clear indication that in terms of gender, there is a huge difference in the age group 35 to 44. In this age group, only 39.5% of male did physical activity compared to 52.5% of female. However, for the age group 65 and over, there is a minimal gender gap. 46.7% of men did the activity whereas 47.1% of female did that at the time.

It is very obvious from the graph that Austrian women passed more time for physical activity in 2010.

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