How do you fix English grammar and spelling mistakes easily at home for free?

In this post, you will learn how to correct and improve your English writing mistakes without anyone’s assistance or help.

We write in English for different reasons but if there is a mistake in writing there will be many problems:

## If the Facebook status is wrong, the dignity will go away in front of everyone.

## For the exam, we practice writing essays, articles, paragraphs at home. However, if no one corrects the writing we will make the same mistake again and again. Even if there is no good teacher at home, we can verify ourselves through Grammarly.

## If you make mistakes in the assignment, online exam the number will be reduced.

## If you want to apply for some jobs, you have to email while working. And if you make a mistake in the email, you will face a bad attitude of the boss of that company which is not desirable at all.

## The value of blogging, research, will also be decreased.

Even if there is no English teacher / big brother who knows English well, we can verify ourselves at home through Grammarly. So when writing English online or offline (Assignment, Facebooking, Status update, Article writing, proofreading, email writing) check the grammar and spelling from Grammarly to absolutely free !!!

1. First, you have to give an email address then

2. Type your password

3. Give a Profile Name

In fact, this account creation is easier than opening a Facebook account!

>> check English grammatical errors and make corrections,

>> fix spelling mistakes & do correction etc.

Grammarly has both free and premium version and you can buy it to get more advanced features. To know more about the new and updated features – go to the link or video

proof reading by grammarly

It is very well known that you cannot go further without knowing English well.  English is the language of expression for some. But English is an international language, the language of computers, the language of many good books and the language needed for higher education. So there is no alternative to pure English.  To get a job, you need to know good English. 
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