IELTS Writing Task 2: How to Get IELTS 7+ in the Writing Section in a Short period? 

Writing Part Two

You need to prove that you know
English well and you are capable to write in different styles.

1. Different structures for writing: Utilize a mixture of simple, complex and compound sentences. Conditional sentences, active and passive voices are crucial for good marks.

2. Use questions and negative sentences if it is possible.

3. Parts of Speech – a different form of words: Variation in writing style is very crucial.

4. Don’t just use synonyms for different sentences as it needs contexts for various words.

5. Practice.

6.    If
you don’t know anyone or you cannot go to someone who can check your writing
then install Grammarly.  

7.    It
checks our grammar and spelling automatically.


Full body Structure
of the IELTS Writing Part 2:






Structure of Introduction:

sentence – a neutral opinion of the subject. (Background of the topic.)

the main topic or question is given in the examination. 

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