The Power of a Student Fighting Against Coronavirus

Mizanur Rahman Sarkar, a Bangladeshi youth studying at a Chinese university, has saved his scholarship money and bought 100 coronavirus testing kits to send to his motherland Bangladesh. The kits are expected to arrive in the country on March 26, 2020. Some may say that the number 100 (coronavirus testing kits) is very low compared to the population of the area but his contribution as a student and as a single person is very huge. 
The home of Mizanur Rahman Sarkar is located at Ratanpur Sarkarpara village in Pachbibi Upazila of Jaipurhat. Mizan posted in his Facebook on March 20, ‘I am seeking the attention of responsible authority in Jaipurhat. I have come to know through media that there is no Covid 19 test kit in my area, Jaipurhat. So I want to donate some kits from China to test coronavirus patients. To know the process of doing this, I want help from the authority who are involved in the health department in Jaipurhat. 
After seeing the post on Facebook, the whip of the parliament and MP of Jaipurhat-2, Abu Sayed Al Mahmud Swapan talked with the young man over cellphone after collecting his number. To greet the young man named Mizanur Rahman Sarkar, Whip Abu Saeed Al Mahmud wrote a Facebook post – ‘A boy from China wants to send some Corona Testing Kit to Jaipurhat. Responsible actors should contact him. When I saw the post, I asked him to give me his phone number. When he gave the number, I called him. Mizan is studying BSc Engineering at Nantong Science and Technology in China. In the present situation, he can’t get out of his house. But I feel overwhelmed by his heart’s desire for his area and for the country.’ 
The kits are expected to arrive in Bangladesh from China via US Bangla Airlines. The Covid 19 testing kits will arrive in the country by Thursday morning. It will then be handed over to the Whip Abu Sayeed Al Mahmud. In addition to Mizanur Rahman’s kits, a young man, Golam Rabbani will also send 500 kits to Bangladesh for preventing Coronavirus disease.

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