How Will You Receive Fully Funded Erasmus Mundus Scholarship? A Recent & Real Experience from the
Scholarship Holder
I have already shared my
opinion and experience on DAAD
Scholarships and in
this post, I will talk about
Erasmus Mundus Scholarships.
In the
last week of December 2017, I sat to apply to Erasmus Mundus Joint Master
Degree (EMJMD). I applied to three masters programs under the Erasmus Mundus
funded scholarships. All applications were online so I did not get problems.
Image from MFAMILY Erasmus Mundus Sixth Edition Welcome Session 

All You Need to Submit:
Certificates and Transcripts,
Curriculum Vitae
Letters of recommendation
Research experience,
Language requirements (for instance, IELTS, TOEFL),
Other documents required by the specific program.
A Selection Board consisting of one committee member per partner the institution will select or reject you based on your application weight.
Meanwhile, I started the year 2018, by applying Sweden through the
online portal (managed by the Swedish Council for
Higher Education). Thanks to my supervisor, Romiz vai for helping with the application fee. In the last week of January 2018, I applied for a 3-month Summer
School program “International Development Studies” at the University
of Oslo.
Probably the first good news came from Norway in March 2018. I got
accepted with full funding for a 3-month “International Development
Studies” summer program at the University of Oslo. I applied for a visa at
VFS Global in Dhaka. At the end of May, I got my Norwegian visa. I used to see Oslo
in my bed dreaming. At home, I told I was going to Norway for 3 months. The
funny thing happened shortly after. The results of Sweden came out in early
April 2018 and I was selected for admission to Lund University as it was my 1st
choice. But unfortunately, Sweden’s hopes were diminished as I had not got the
Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship. On the other hand, I also received
rejection emails from two masters programs of Erasmus Mundus consortium.
Erasmus Mundus’s Europen Master Program – My Selection
In June, I finally
received an email saying that I was selected for the Erasmus Mundus’s Europen
Master in Social Work with Families and Children program with full funding.  At the same time, by the mercy of Allah, I got
promoted and  appointed as a National
Consultant – Project Management Assistant at a2i (UNDP Bangladesh). Yaaa,
Hurraaahhhhh, Yahoooooo ……….
Embassy & Visa
I informed my
office that I might go to India for visiting and facing the Norwegian Embassy. In
fact, the first country of the Erasmus Mundus program was Portugal and the
Embassy of Portugal was not in Bangladesh. Therefore, I needed to go to India to
submit papers. But I did not know how to do it. So I posted a post on Erasmus
Mundus Bangladesh’s Facebook page asking for advice. I found out that a brother
(Sabbir) was also going to India to submit papers to Embassy in Portugal. But he
got a scholarship from another program. At the same time, Sabba Shrestha from Nepal
knocked me as she also got acceptance form the same program.
Those who want to go to India to face the Embassy have to apply for X-Misc type visa (15 days period). Many
people travel to India to the embassy with a tourist visa, because the tourist visa
is easy and longer. But if they understand at the border then you have to lose all
of it. So we applied for X-Misc type
visa from Indian Embassy Visa Center in Gulshan. Prior to that, I and Sabbir made an appointment at VFS Global Portugal in India.
The whole process lengthy and so I will write about it later. It got an
email from Delhi saying your decision on your visa had been made and told me to
collect my passport. I went to Delhi for the Portuguese Embassy and they gave
me a passport with a visa (for The MFAMILY Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme).
The writer is Mahmudul Hassan (Soyeb), Erasmus Mundus Scholar (2018-20). The Photo credit goes to MFAMILY Erasmus Mundus Sixth Edition Welcome Session (2018).

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