the rapidly changing world, industries need adjustment and a new way of a working system
for its survival and earning more profit. That is why companies want to recruit
smart employees who can manage many things with a short period of time.
  However, our education system does not change
quickly and universities are not producing student with such skills that the
new era requires. In this case, students can upgrade themselves by completing
online courses.

The Significance of Online Courses:
are pursuing international master’s degrees online and many universities in the USA,
Canada and Europe have this opportunity. The costs vary on the basis of the
university and the subject. You may feel that the cost of online degrees is
more than you can afford. But many online educational platforms like Edx, coursera
offer free service but you cannot get their official certificate. To obtain an
online certificate, you need to pay money. The cost may vary from $ 15 to $ 2500
but don’t be afraid. The money is not asked to be deposited all together and
money is collected based on semesters and courses. Moreover, scholarships (following
the prescribed rules) are given to the students who have difficulties finishing
the online postgraduate courses. (I have achieved 2 scholarships to complete my
online courses.)

courses offer multi-dimensionality in education and you can be global sitting
in local. Without a visa and staying abroad, you get a foreign degree. There are
a lot of online courses you find in the online platform. You can do online
research for the course you need most.  You
can look at the profiles of various successful corporate personalities on

Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Electrical
Engineering, Public Health
and so on.  

The system is very flexible and you need to participate in classes and exams online.
Assignments and homework are provided by teachers online. If you pass the exams
and finish assignments on time, you can obtain a certificate.   

Disadvantages or Limitation of
Online Educational Courses:
The main problem is that you cannot interact with the teachers on campus and you don’t
have lab facilities of the universities. Many experts believe, traditional
education carries more value than online degrees.
To know more:
please visit the following websites to understand their program and requirements
and/or send e-mails to the university authorities if necessary. National ID,
Passport, Graduation certificate may be asked to submit at the time of
application. Some universities may conduct online oral tests via Skype.

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