“In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this case?”

By Cambridge 13 IELTS Academic Test 2 & Writing Task 4 (Sample) Answer

Although there have been significant improvements made in the agricultural sector, a large number of people in the world are out of food and water.
Lack of proper distribution of resources is one of the major issues behind the hunger issue. A tiny number of people in the world are in possession of most wealth.  Amartya Sen said that feminine in Bangladesh occurred due to the lack of distribution in 1974. The government of Bangladesh always keeps a large amount of money for agriculture development that includes loan, subsidies. However, the fruits go to the hand of local politicians and administrators. The price of essential goods goes higher in most cases because there is little control over the market.

Middlemen and politicians always get the benefits and mass people are the victims. Farmers don’t find their fair price and customers in the market buy the products at an extra price. In Africa and some countries in Asia face long term disputes and war which hamper normal distribution and transaction process. Greed, power politics and the international game keep people hungry whether the country has plenty of foods or not.

The United Nations has also taken a giant initiative called sustainable development goals to remove hunger from the world. All nations should follow the goals and maintain good governance. If corruption and mismanagement are lessened, the distribution of resources will be implemented effectively and efficiently. Moreover, general people ought to be conscious about their rights which make them alert and empowered to keep their government accountable. 
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  1. In the recent ages , the breakthroughs that have witnessed by the agriculture industry has led to the increasing of food production throughout the world. However there is a massive amount of food , a lot of dwellers around the world are starving. That is because of multiple reasons, in which we are going to explain some of them in that essay , as well as we will introduce some solutions that could be done by the United Nations and the media to tackle these problems.
    First of all , Some areas around the world are not reachable nor accessible. Despite the fact that , these starvations are known to the media and the public , but it remains isolated from these huge food supplies . May be due to the corrupted countries preventing the supplies to reach its own people . For example , some places in Africa that have corrupted officials who decide to take all the incoming food then buy it and take the revenues for themselves. Moreover , another reason is that , some remote areas are facing starvations but they are still unknown for the world .
    So some of the solutions to overcome these incidents are , first , the United nations could play an immensely imperative role in saving those nations . They should interfere to stop these corrupted nations from doing their bad deeds , and they should allow the food supplies enter any place or country even if this country is a remote one . Furthermore the media play an extremely critical role in these issues . is that they should increase the search force in order to put an end to that problem .
    In conclusion , it is matter of life and death facing entire nations . However, it is hazardous and critical problems , even though, it could be solved . By a bit of actions from the united nations , such as , strict roles and immediate intrusion in the needy areas. As well as , the wide coverage of media . Eventually , these solutions might be a life savior for so many people .

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