“Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices.”

By Cambridge 13 IELTS Academic Test 2 & Writing Task 2 (Sample) Answer

A number of people think that now we have lots of options in our life. In present modern life, people can choose easily due to technological advances, advanced research and so on.
In my opinion, I agree with the above statement because we have already found many opportunities. With the invention of modern science and technology and innovative research, we can obtain and learn so many things in a short time. If I consider the education sector as an example, we see a revolution in the sector. Teachers and students can get their required books and materials easily and quickly. They can apply in several countries for higher studies sitting in their home. The Internet is available and wifi gets cheaper. Information flow is everywhere. If anyone lacks any skills he/ she can achieve the quality by taking a course in edx or Coursera or other educational websites that provide quality education freely or with little cost. Students have the freedom to find their aim in life since they can get advice and a motivational speech from YouTube. In the digital era, any person gets so many opportunities which are not possible in the past. 

In some cases, so many options can make people confused. Some experts also believe that we have got limited choices in our life because our choices are influenced by social media and/ or commercial advertisements and/ or politicians.

To conclude, it can be said that economic development and technological advancement allows us to choose among numerous options. However, we do have a limitation as we are the human being.  We are being told to what to do or not to do by someone else. We need to be careful with our choices. 
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